WEEC: loves the idea of a stronger and better organized network


In the weeks before the Seventh WEEC which was held in Marrakech with great success (, the Permanent Secretariat had consulted those who have already joined the world network by signing the Charter of Principles. The question asked was about the future developments and, in particular, the choice to make the network more formal and “institutionalized”.

455 people responded. It concerns active people (4 out of 5 were going to attend the conference in Morocco) and the vast majority are willing to formally join the network. In fact, only one percent had responded “no” to formally joining the international network established around the world congresses. Ten percent “did not knowand wanted time to think about, understand more and/or consult the organization, while the rest were ready to join as individuals (40%), as people and as an organization (32%) or as an organization (17%). Only a very small minority considers the formalization as being unnecessary or fears that paying a membership fee may become a burdensome commitment.

Identical was the percentage (89%) of those who are interested in participating in a coordination of a continent or sub-continent level. Lastly, almost everyone showed interest in participating in work for permanent thematic committees. The proposed choice was among the 11 thematic “niches” of the 7th WEEC. The preferred thematic area(14%) was«Promoting Environmental Education and Networking/Promouvoir l'education à l'environnement et la mettre en réseau pour la renforcer/Crear redes para promover la educación ambiental», followed by «Research in Environmental Education. La recherche en éducation à l'environnement. La investigación en educación ambiental». The other choices are distributed among the 9 ​​remainingniches” and additional proposals.



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