• The proceedings of the 7th Congress WEEC are available for all

    The proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Environmental Education (WEEC, Marrakech, 9-14 June 2013) are published and available in pdf on www.environmental-education.org web-site

  • WEEC 2013: Morocco

    Under the royal patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, and under the presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, the 7th WEEC will be held from June 9 - 14, 2013 in Marrakech, Morocco Read more

  • Eco-responsibility

    Making events like the WEEC greener is a significant contribution in the pursuit of sustainability. In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, transport has the greatest effect on the event. The organizers urge participants traveling by air or car to compensate for the CO2 emissions by using the CO2 calculator. Read more

  • WEEC Network

    The WEEC is a worldwide network of debate and research. Since 2003 the World Environmental Education Congress has taken place periodically. Read more.


  • Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection

    The Foundation was established in 2001 and it is headed by a board of directors, and presided by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa. Read more

Seventh World Environmental Education Congress


Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection


fm6 bigThe Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection was established in 2001 and it is headed by a board of directors, and presided by HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa. Council membership includes public and private operators. The Foundation has a functional organization with an associate chair, appointed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI in June 2001.
If preserving the environment is now accepted as an engine of growth for all countries in the world, it is especially important to Morocco, a veritable source of natural resources, which enhances the attractiveness of the tourism sector, a pillar of the national economy.
Entirely aware that a portion of the country’s ecological heritage is threatened and that everyone needs to face the unprecedented challenge of sustainable development, the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection (FM6E), has initiated a process for awareness and shared responsibility, involving all potential stakeholders for change, under the banner: All for the Environment
 This approach is built upon three pillars :

  • Shared commitment
  • A strategy for sustainable development
  • Youth education

It aims to:

  • Involve stakeholders (NGOs, sponsors, communities, government)
  • Create a movement to mobilize society on all levels
  • Sustain all initiated actions over the long-term

The FM6E has enlisted its actions in a conventional partnership framework with all public and private stakeholders.
HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa highlighted:
«Safeguarding the Environment is also a matter of behavior. Education has thus a role to play to help raise awareness.»
All educational actions of the FM6E will aim to raise awareness about the importance of ecology among youth, in order to make 21st Century citizens who are Patriots of the Environment.
Our children must grow up with the credo that the Environment is: A scarce resource with an invaluable price.
Its value depends on our well-being, health and future economic development.
- A clear methodological approach
For future planning, prior to any form of action, the approach is based on research, conferences, partnerships, international agreements, surveys, and transfer of skills and experience, which lead to the development of multiple programs with performance indicators.
- An Ecological Approach to Development
With the need to spread a vision of a possible future for human development with an ecological approach, the Foundation is working on new parameters for economic and social accounting.
These economic instruments balance the imperatives of growth and environmental protection, and enhance public environmental goods.
This new vision for the future includes an analysis of the contribution made by local eco systems to the economy and to peoples’ well being, as direct resources and with their scenic and touristic qualities.
- Substantive actions undertaken and sustained over the long term.
- Protect and preserve natural resources, coastal and forest heritage.
- Accompany the quest to foster the development of alternative resources, water and energy conservation, innovation of environmentally friendly products and processes, and clean industries.
In this spirit, the FM6E brings together local stakeholders to identify, plan and implement environmental projects that have a direct impact on the lives of the population.

WEEC Permanent Secreatariat

c/o Istituto per l'Ambiente e l'Educazione Scholé Futuro ONLUS Via Bligny 15, 10122 Torino (Italy) - Ph./Fax +390114366522

WEEC Permanent Secretariat

c/o Istituto per l'Ambiente e l'Educazione Scholé Futuro ONLUS

Via Bligny 15, 10122 Torino (Italy) - Ph./Fax +390114366522
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - www.environmental-education.org

Fondation Mohammed VI pour la Protection de l'Environnement

Avenue Mohammed VI, rue El Madani Ibn Houssaïni, B.P: 5679
Rabat – MAROC - Tél: + 212 (0)5 37 65 88 44 (LG) – Fax: + 212 (0)5 37 65 55 31
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - www.fm6e.org


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