Press release 3/2012

A congress in numbers

What are the most significant educational issues of our time? What do we need, as educators, to develop more active citizenship and more attentive social consciousness?
This and much more will be discussed in Marrakech, Morocco, from 9 to 14 June, 2013, during the seventh WEEC, World Environmental Education Congress.
Every two years, the WEEC Congress, gathers environmental educators from all over the world presenting their experiences which result in different  thematic niches. In the 2013 edition the transversal theme intends to highlight the role played by environmental education in the urban and rural areas and in hybrid spaces between, alongside no fewer than eleven thematic niches ranging from intercultural dialogue to ethics and health. Therefore, the proposed papers can cover all the important issues that interest environmental education practitioners.

With the 2013 edition, the WEEC will be ten years old. The first congress took place in fact in Portugal in 2003. The subsequent editions were held in Brazil in 2004, in Italy in 2005, in South Africa in 2007, in Canada in 2009 and in Australia in 2011, bringing thousands of contributions and participants (for more information about the previous editions, see
The date of 2013 is thus a new, not to be missed opportunity to present your reflections and practices to an international audience. It will also give you a chance to do networking and take part in discussions on themes making up the education and environmental agenda of our times. If you want to participate, you can find all the information on the site and take advantage of the early bird  fees valid until 31 October 2012. 


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